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HKBU Scholar Invents World's First 'Lip Password:' A Patented Double Security System for Identity Authentication

By HKBU eNews

March 15, 2017

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Researchers at Hong Kong Baptist University have developed "lip motion password" (lip password), new technology that utilizes a person's lip motions to create a password.

The system verifies a user's identity by simultaneously matching the password content with the underlying behavioral characteristics of lip movement.

The researchers say the technique has advantages over conventional security access control methods--a lip password can be used for speaker verification because it can detect and reject a wrong password spoken by the user or the correct password spoken by an imposter, while verification based on a combination of lip motions and password content ensures that access control is twice as secure.

In addition, lip movements are less susceptible to background noise and distance, and can be used by the speech-impaired. A user also can easily reset the lip password to strengthen security, and there is no language boundary.

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