Video Highlights

Building a Brain May Mean Going Analog

Analog circuits consume less power per operation than CMOS technologies, and so should prove more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence Poised to Ride a New Wave

Flush with recent successes, and pushed by even newer technology, AI systems could get much smarter.

IronFleet: Proving Safety and Liveness of Practical Distributed Systems

We demonstrate the methodology on a complex implementation of a Paxos-based replicated state machine library and a le...

Learnable Programming: Blocks and Beyond

New blocks frameworks open doors to greater experimentation for novices and professionals alike.

Responsible Research and Innovation in the Digital Age

RRI requires doing the best science for the world, not only the best science in the world.

Contest Theory

Exploring the basic game theory models of contests found in online services.

Ultrafast Measurements Explain Quantum Dot Voltage Drop

Solar cells and photodetectors could soon be made from new types of materials based on semiconductor quantum dots.

Thinking Deeply to Make Better Speech

More work is needed to make synthesized speech more natural, easier to understand, and more pleasant to hear.

Financing the Dark Web

Cryptocurrencies are enabling illegal or immoral transactions in the dark corners of the Internet.