Video Highlights

3D-Printing Human Body Parts

Bioprinting has generated bones, cartilage, and some muscles; hearts and livers are still years away.

Digital Hearing

Advances in audio processing help separate the conversation from background noise.

Security in High-Performance Computing Environments

Exploring the many distinctive elements that make securing HPC systems much different than securing traditional syste...

Spin-It: Optimizing Moment of Inertia for Spinnable Objects

In this article, we describe an algorithm to generate designs for spinning objects by optimizing their mass distribut...

Why Virtual Reality Will Transform a Workplace Near You

A clutch of companies are changing how work gets done---by using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

AI in Contact Centers

Artificial intelligence technologies are being deployed to improve the customer service experience.

Turing's Pre-War Analog Computers: The Fatherhood of the Modern Computer Revisited

Turing's machines of 1936 were a purely mathematical notion, not an exploration of possible blueprints for physic...

Building a Brain May Mean Going Analog

Analog circuits consume less power per operation than CMOS technologies, and so should prove more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence Poised to Ride a New Wave

Flush with recent successes, and pushed by even newer technology, AI systems could get much smarter.